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Attorneys Raise Property Rights Issues

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Please take note of the following and spread the word to anyone who may be impacted by property rights violations:

INDOT and their contractors are now contacting property owners along the I-69 Section 4 route in Greene and Monroe Counties to hold a "Kitchen Table" meeting to discuss the project. The contact typically comes as a phone call from someone at the Corradino Group or BLA who represents INDOT. At this meeting INDOT is seeking property owner approval to survey and perform geotechnical surveys (core drilling) on their property. Property owners have found that there has been considerable damage to their property once INDOT moves in to perform the surveys and core drilling. Driveways and yards are being rutted and trees bulldozed to clear a path for INDOT machinery. As a property owner, you are not required to comply.

INDOT has referenced an Indiana code they claim gives them authority to enter your property. CARR has challenged INDOT's interpretation of right of entry statute. Several land owners have successfully refused INDOT access to their property. The State can not violate your property rights. At this time there is no Record of Decision on Section 4 and neither INDOT nor its contractors can damage your property without your permission and without compensation prior to the selection of an approved route for this highway. Without final route approval, appraisal of property for purchase is also premature.

INDOT, its consultants, and some logging companies have been advising property owners that INDOT will not compensate owners for the full value of the timber on the land that may be taken for I-69. These property owners are being advised to have the timber cut themselves. This advice is not correct. The state must compensate landowners, at fair market value rates, for the loss of their land and any resources on it. what is forex trading

We encourage those who receive contact to make INDOT respect your property rights. We continue to work to make the state do the right thing. Indiana deserves better.

Contact us if you have any questions at 1-800-515-6936 or by e-mail at

We thank you for your years of support.
Best regards,
Thomas & Sandra,
and the CARR Board and Steering Committee

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Some Greene County citizens are standing up to the threat of losing their homes and farms.

Click here to read a letter sent by CARR's attorneys for Bill and Jan Boyd.

Please forward this information to friends or neighbors who are living under the same threat.
Thank you again for all your support.

Thomas & Sandra

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"Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads, Inc (CARR) is a grassroots organization dedicated to educating Hoosiers about the benefits of financially responsible and environmentally sound transportation policies. CARR is committed to the principle that sensible policies, targeted toward reinvestment in existing infrastructure, will satisfy Hoosier transportation needs while preserving the integrity of Indiana's farmlands, natural resources, and rural communities."

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