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Nickie Di Camillo, INPIRG campaign coordinator

Do you live along proposed I-69 Route 3-C? STOP the New Terrain I-69!

Want to share your story in a new anti-I-69 newsletter?

INPIRG (Indiana Public Interest Research Group) will soon be starting a bi- weekly newsletter for both e-mail and flyer distribution around Bloomington. We intend to have a section that will stay somewhat consistent each issue which will present the truth about issues related to I-69 that are unclear to some citizens such as the cost of a new-terrain highway and where the money to pay for it will come from, the amount of environmental damage and the lack of evidence for economic improvement and job creation through such a highway development project. It will also discuss how to get more involved and active in the fight to protect Southwestern Indiana.

The major new section in each issue will be a story about a person, family or piece of land that will be destroyed by the construction of I-69 Route 3-C. The purpose of this newsletter is to attract new attention to the cause against new-terrain I-69 by telling the important personal stories that the statistics don't speak to. Copies will also be sent to state representatives and senators.

We would like to include pictures along with a short interview of
people who will be affected by implementation of the highway.

If you think you'd be interested in sharing your story with us or if you know someone who would be interested please let me know by:
phone (812 332 4647)or e-mail (

Thank you,
Nickie Di Camillo, INPIRG campaign coordinator


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