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I-69Studies: Costs & Alternatives

Final Comments on I-69 Indianapolis to Evansville Tier I Re-Evaluation Report [2006]
The Re-Evaluation raises more questions than it answers...the Re-Evaluation begs the question of why INDOT continues to insist on planning for the highway...

ReEvaluation Toll I-69 [2006]
Demonstrates a tolled I-69 is not worth the money...
Tier 1 reevaluation underestimates tolling impact...
Improperly calls for tolling of US 41/70 alternative failing to acknowledge a non-tolledt US 41/70 is superior to a tolled Alt. 3C...

INDOT's Official Study Website [2006]
Environmental impact study, express your opinion...

INDOT 2000 - 2025 Long Range Fiscal Plan
Chapter 8

The Proposed New Interstate 69 Highway: Is It A Cost Effective Rural Economic Development Tool for SW Indiana? [1999]
B y: W. Wiewel, J. Persky, M Sendzik - University of Illinois at Chicago

New Study Shows It's Cheaper to Throw $100 Bills Out Window

Road to Ruin - $600 Million to Save 10 Minutes
I-69 listed as one of the fifty most wasteful roads in America...


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